Tropical House Radio


♪ Keep calm, subscribe, relax and enjoy our Tropical Vibes ♪ Tropical House Radio is your path to Paradise... FAQ: Q: Can I use this track on my Youtube video? A: We have a 'Copyright Free' playlist on our channel's homepage, you can use for free all the tracks contained in this playlist. Every time we upload a free copyright track will be added to this list. *Added note: copyright holders are constantly updating the Content ID, thus we cannot asure these track will be 100% free at the time you upload your video, if you want to be sure first drop us an email. Q: How can I submit my track? A: Q: Is actually THR a Record label? A: Record Label and Promotional Channel. Q: How many THR channels are there? A: THR group is a network composed by 5 channels: - Tropical House Records - Tropical House Radio - Melodicity - Wave Radio

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